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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Shell Shock Readers...I assume most of you are familiar with the term EMO-V or E-Vomiting...that is short for Emotional Vomiting which means: VENTING. Well that is what I am going to do right now in this post...I'm going to release the pressure valve by barfing out some emotion.

It does not mean I am Depressed, or giving up or super discouraged like I'm going to quit. No it is just a way to get some troubling stuff out of me because it is like poison inside and I don't want to have to handle it any more. I will settle down after a bit...perspective will come back and I'll be off to fight another day. But I am upset and being, angry stresses me out. Hence the need to here we go:

I really don't understand some people...never did, never will. Why would anyone tell someone you have a house to rent when you've already offered it to someone else who moved in TODAY...Yea TODAY, the day you were supposed to take a look at it? This really sets us back, it means that a whole week that we could have been trying to work in another direction was wasted chasing our tails on this charade because...well I honestly don't know why someone would offer to help someone in need then stop calling you back when they asked you to call them in the first place. Then rip the opportunity away virtually without explanation. It is disheartening...

Time is starting to run out...I mean another week and Kim looks like she goes back to Holland...the thought makes me physically I'LL. Kim actually mentioned maybe having to go to BIHN....Oh GOD NO.

God, I get the need for object lessons in life and I as you know have had more then a few. And I faithfully want to do you're will..but do they ALL have to be so incredibly negative, painful and damaging?! Now we have people mis-leading us and I'm the guy who is trying to learn how to trust people again. Fat freaking chance that's ever going to happen!

Now as I said...I'll get over it, calm down and we'll keep working at it but I had to get that CRAP out of me...Thanks for listening.

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