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Saturday, March 17, 2012

It Hurts To Even Think About It!

Night has once again settled over the area and the local buzz (quite nearly hysteria) generated among all the residents of the area by the unusually warm weather has calmed down as well...much like the afternoon wind that kicked up some time after lunch and finally petered out before nightfall. Everything is still...except of course the beating of my restless heart wanting to know more specifics about the future...

Yes...I am sweating the details a bit too much about Kim's living situation but I will be honest...I feel a sense of responsibility for her well being and safety. I know how hard she has worked and I so badly want this plan she is pursuing...these goals to succeed and be reached.

She has members of her own family, her daughter's father (her X) and others doing everything in their power to have her fail. She receives no legitimate support from any family member. They simply want her to go back to Holland, not because it's the best situation for her. No that would be here, working and improving her life. No for them, getting her back to Holland is the most important thing, allowing them to manipulate and control her the way it has always been. They have used her own children against her in the most tragic and pathetic set of circumstances I've seen.

I never would have imagined turning kids against their own mother (or father) to achieve petty emotional victories and makes me ill thinking about it. I would never have believed it to be trur if I had not experienced it with my own eyes. I need to think about something else...

(Photo: Kathy Tomson)

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