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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Night Boring, Akward Day!!

Time change night in America...Daylight Savings Time and we set our clocks ahead an hour at 2a tonight. I got into a habit long ago that if I was staying around home the afternoon/evening before the change, I would just go ahead and do it...And in this case today, that meant moving the time ahead 1 hour. We were out running around  this morning but got home by 11a. I basically changed the clocks early this afternoon so I'm pretty much adjusted to the new time already.

I can't always get away with doing that but since we didn't have any plans that were time sensitive (I sound like we live some top secret existence or something) we pretty much spent the whole day getting used to it. 

I don't really know why I feel this way but today just seemed it really had no flow or purpose to it. That is something that I have noticed...some days will move along  as if the very existence of the universe depends on the day reaching it's conclusion. Today...not so much. I can honestly say that today did not contribute squat really to the history of my life and I could have done nicely to skip the boredom and torment of the awkwardness all together..but we humans don't get to make those kind of decisions and I am convinced that is a really a good thing!

I don't was just a thought. Sorry, I just noticed that the Movie Good Morning Vietnam is on so you basically just lost me folks....Good Night!

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