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Friday, March 30, 2012

(SNOOP) Dogs & Sports @ the A-Crack of DAWN

I can't explain what the deal is but after several weeks of at least tolerable sleep (a few hours a day at least) I had a night from hell last night. I just did not ever feel right...I don't think I actually slept at all. Which wouldn't typically be an issue but the one day it happens, I have a 6:30am Men's breakfast & book study. I hate feeling like a zombie for those things yet....what are you gonna do, huh?! Just show up and do your best.

I know this has nothing to do with what I am writing about and very little if nothing to do with what my life as a recovering person is like but I have been noticing something interesting as I watch ESPN on TV. Yea it used to be I noticed things when I was out EXPERIENCING stuff, now that I am OLD(er) and crippled up I don'y experience stuff anymore...sadly, I just see it on TV. Anyway I was watching a replay at 3a of ESPN2's afternoon show SPORTSNATION and along with the two regular co-hosts Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle was Snoop Dog, the Rapper.

I've noticed a real trend where ESPN has often had celebrities involved in most of their broadcasts now...even the regular SPORTS CENTER news shows. But they typically were always SPORTS they are branching out, especially into the music world. I remember Little Wayne debating the obnoxious Skip Bayless on one of their morning shows "First and Ten" segments...yea man, Little Wayne! I think the first time I saw him was before he went to prison and gave up drinking the Vicodin laced cough syrup because he could barely speak. But the dude DID know his sports. And he has actually been on a couple of times now...

I think this penchant for creative thinking is why ESPN dominates television sports world and always will...they are the masters at thinking out of the box and then actually having the balls to implement some of these crazy ideas. But in reality what they are best at is KNOWING their audience and what they like. Because the combination of celebs from TV, movies, music, etc along with sports stars is brilliant and it works. I love it...

OK, so that is my early morning two cents worth on Sports TV, hoped you enjoyed it!

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