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Friday, April 13, 2012

Accept Adversity and Move On

Towing Truck

Well just when it seems like things are starting to go our way, Kim's car radiator springs a major leak and needs to be replaced. She made it to work which is the good news at 5a but now we face an expensive tow and repair. I guess whatever does NOT kill you makes you stronger, as they say.

But the bright side is she made it to work for Friday Over-Time (she usually works 4 10 hr days, M-Th and does OT on Friday) so she will be able to use that OT $$ to pay for some of the repairs and towing. I feel bad for her because it seems like whenever she starts to get ahead, something happens and she is set-back only to have to start all over.

Well there isn't anything that we can do about it but accept it and do our best and that is what we'll do. Then we'll move on...

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