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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Wind & The Cost Of Suffering

It actually is not windy this morning...after 4 consecutive days of high wind it is actually calm and serene out there. Naturally that gets the wheels turning and has me thinking about trying to play and little CG (Crippled Golf). I don't has really been a difficult couple of weeks from a physical standpoint. 

That is the most common pattern with me...I'll get a stretch where the back is almost tolerable but my feet and legs are shot. Then they (my legs) will respond and rebound a bit and my back really takes a nose-dive. Pain is an everyday reality and it is the learning to live in spite of it that is the key to having a fairly active life. But there always is a trade off....a price to pay for everything I get. 

If i am active...i will suffer for it later...that is a fact of life. And the severity of the suffering often seems out of sync with the actual activity I participated in to create the pain. It never seems to make sense and I can honestly see how people who suffer from severe chronic pain get to the place where suicide seems like the best or only alternative. Pain will mess with your will control you.

Well i need to at least try and walk today for a little while...see if I can loosen up sufficiently...   

More later...                 

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