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Monday, April 9, 2012

My Perfect Obsesion

I was just thinking about how much I, adore coffee. To me it truly is the one thing in life (other then the essentials like oxygen, water, nutrition) that I really can't and won't live without. People will tell me that they have given up coffee (caffeine really) and I think WHY? I'll never do it...barring any illness or other issue like health that may require it.

It's not just drinking coffee that I love...the smell of fresh ground coffee has to be at the top of my all time favorite "Aroma's List" along with Alpine Pine Forest smell (not the air freshener, I mean being on the side of a mountain in a REAL pine forest!), fresh baked bread or Baguettes, preferably in that little family run hotel cafe in Albert, France and a few others like the fresh cut grass smell at Fenway Park where the Red Sox play. I think you get the jist of what I am talking about.

But I do absolute LOVE to drink coffee as well...and I think I always have. But I know my obsession with the Magic Java Bean definitely grew when I sobered up. Drinking massive amounts of coffee, at all times of the day or night is every recovering alcoholics God given right...or so it seems, anyway!

There is something simple yet impossible to explain about the joy of a good cup of coffee while sitting on the deck in the late afternoon...or sitting in a crowded Starbucks in downtown Chicago at Christmas time after you've been shopping the Mag Mile all morning long. Coffee around the campfire...that just might be might all time favorite coffee time right there.

I used to spend a lot of time in Norther Michigan in rustic cabins or camping out and I was always the first one up to put a pot on the wood stove or on the campfire.

Now having said all this about my love for would be just my luck that I will soon come down with some ailment that will require me to stop drinking  coffee for reasons of ironic. BUT until that day...I'm gonna keep on chasing the magic a matter of fact...I need a refill so I'll catch 'ya next time.

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