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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pre-Marriage PREP

It is after 9 pm on Sunday evening and the weekend is almost over. Night has descended over the the island but it is anything but peaceful and serene....we have a bitterly cold north wind blowing in excess of 25 mph. Still, I love listening to the sound of the wind howling for all it's worth. There is something warm and comforting about being snug in inside as the cold north wind does it's work.

K and I finished up a pre-marital counseling program we have been participating in for the last 8 weeks. I wasn't initially thrilled about doing it but I really am glad that we went through it. I think it was a reminder of what we should expect from marriage and what it takes to make a marriage work.           

With that I am signing off for the evening. The week starts early with a book study and discussion group at 8am sharp at a neighbors place here on the island.  Have a good night everyone...

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