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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Junkies Have a Way...

I don't typically troll YouTube looking for music late at night but for some unexplained reason I wanted to hear Pearl Jam do their tribute to Andrew Wood and Mother Love Bone.

I can't really conjure up the effort or the emotion to explain exactly what this song, this singer and this band mean to me but let's just say junkies have a way of communicating to one another...even when they've never met.

So here, without further ado...Pearl Jam doing Crown of Thorns. Miss you Andy...


  1. Wow, I was a huge grunge freak back in the nineties :)

    And this song just reminded me of my last night out before leaving the States last year. They played something by Dinosaur Jr and it just prompted a trip down memory lane for a bunch of us. Let's just say it ended with three of us singing Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.

    Thanks for this and have a great day :)

  2. How cool is that. Considering I'm nearly 20 years your senior in age it just shows how timeless/ageless music I. And because of that, it's capable of forging the most impossible connections with people that defy borders, governments, age, social-economic status, etc. I believe music is the one true human language.

    I was visiting friends in Bellingham, WA in early 1991 and we spent an incredible night bar hoping with old friends from Michigan and that music provided the soundtrack for that evening...always a warm and wonderful memory...even through the alcoholic haze and cigarette smoke.

  3. I love how music reminds us all of different periods in our lives. This just put me right back on stage.

    Music really is a time machine.