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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Rare Endorsement And A Rather Strange Day

It has been a rather strange day today in that just about everything I need to do is dependent on the actions of another person...and nobody is really coming through so i sit on my tookus all day basically gather freaking MOSS! Yes...TOOKUS is not really a word but I think it's familiar to enough means: Bum, Butt, Fanny, A**, Rear-End...I think you get the picture, eh?!

I did get my Smart Phone in the over-night mail and it is already set up and ready to go. It absolutely astounds me that less then 24 hours ago i ran that thing through the wash and I have a fully functional and personalized replacement in my pocket as I type this...

I know everyone feels differently about their cell phone and cell phone service but i honestly swear by SPRINT/Nextel. I have been a customer for...jeez, a really long time and they are just always on top of their game. Even when something goes wrong or there has been a mistake (which lets face it people, they happen) they make it right. I typically don't endorse many company's...I endorse SPRINT, no doubt about it.

Now I am waiting to get word on K-Sue's Car. That is basically the last loose end that is hanging out there but there isn't a whole lot that I can do about it really. 

I'm, not KINDA..I am really stoked because we have our pontoon boat in the water and it is about 70 degrees right now so perhaps we should take the first boat ride of the new year. It's pretty much the weekend for Kim since she works 4-10 hour days, Monday through Thursday though she often will work OT on Thursday nights or sometimes Fridays. She doesn't have to work tomorrow so that is really cool.

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