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Sunday, April 15, 2012

When The Rain Comes...

A warm, breezy and wet (read:RAIN!) Sunday here on the island. Kind of a bummer that it has to rain on a nice warm Sunday afternoon but we really have needed rain and you can't really comes when it comes.

Perhaps it will lighten up later in the day and give us a chance to get outside. 

I spoke with the Chaplain in charge of the Forgotten Man Ministries at the local County Jail when I was at church this morning and he asked when I would be able to come back to the Monday night service. Because of my health I haven't been able to attend since the new year. I told him I am willing to give it a try but I have some concerns related to a couple of physical issues I have. He is going to help me with those so I am going back tomorrow night and give it a try.

I'm stoked because I really enjoy doing that kind of volunteer work and I really have missed it. Now I have to think of something to talk about if called on to share to the inmates...the Chaplain, Dave is notorious for calling on you to speak when you least expect it so I need to do a little footwork  a head of time just to be prepared. It is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever been involved in and I am thrilled to be given a chance to go back. Let's pray that all works out...

Today...K's Dad and Step-Mom are driving through the area on their way back from Virginia so I think they will be stopping by Kim's place to check it out...that will be really cool if they can see where Kim lives and see all the stuff she has done. They basically are the only one's who support her instead of tear her down so it will be nice to see them again...

OK.....gotta run, looks like the rain is slacking off and I'm heading outside.

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