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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Quickie...Post, That Is.

Saturday morning again, another visit to THE LADIES at The ' in Masonville House (Assisted Living) where they live. As sore, tired, un-enthused, lethargic and ill as I happen to feel at the moment yet I am actually STOKED to be going to visit the GALS at the HOUSE. It is not a cliche, or mumbo-jumbo...the real rewards in this life most often often given to the GIVER, not the TAKER.

When I first heard the Recovery Philosophy that for one to keep what they had (sobriety, a new life, happiness, etc) they had to give it away (IE: share yourself and your gifts with others) I thought it was absolute nonsense. I couldn't have been more wrong. It absolutely is the truth.  Of course there bare exceptions but overall I will mostly find that when I choose to do something for someone strings attached, I tend to benefit the most in the long run. 

Plus...let's face it FEELS GOOD, it just DOES! See 'Ya Later...

(Photo: KT)

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