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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Promise...Of A Nice Warm Week.

When you live in the North Country, you figure out pretty quickly that Winter can last between December and March...or more likely between late October and early May.  It is definitely the later here in Michigan though this winter and spring have been remarkably warm and nice.

The problem was we've had the better part of two weeks of 70-80 degree days in March and early April. Everyone thought summer was and dock got put in, lawns are being mowed a full 6 weeks before normal, the golf courses were hopping, etc..etc.

Then it became more seasonal...not really bad but lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's with some wind...well, actually a lot of freaking wind!. But even though it got chilly and windy we still  really didn't get the usual rain fall.

Now it is slowly warming up and this week we have some 70's, even some 80 degree temps promised so I think we are swinging back toward sustained warmth again. My buddy Marty who runs the Iyopawa Island Golf Course here where I live, will be a very happy man!

So I'm gonna venture out on this 59 degree day and at least get some golf in if's pretty crowded and with my disability affecting me I usually play only when it's slow, so we shall see...

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