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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Head HURTS...

Skull shot through glass.

Nikon D3,45 mm
Copyright Nikki Sixx
Photo Copy Right: Nikki Sixx

There are times when the inside of my head feels like it is going to explode. KAPLOOEY in one big sticky, bloody mess...Then there are other moments, equally disturbing where there is so much pressure...physical, emotional, psychological built up inside that it feels as if whatever inhabits that region (my brain, perhaps) is slowing being pushed by the pressure through any possible escape route and it is seeping through all those various little portals, cracks and crannies...only to find it's way eventually to the floor. Nice thought image, eh?!

And then I think...why did I just write that...I  must be out of my mind or full of crap or something and could care less about my brain or any potential "seepage". But on the other head indeed hurts so perhaps there is cause for alarm, tee hee. To quote Alice Cooper of all people: "Welcome To My Nightmare"...such is my life these days...
Actually the headache is but a figment of my vivid yet restless imagination but was it truly that I have a fully occupied brain today and when I get that way I think there is a bit of short circuiting that takes place. In other words I've had a lot on my mind today and instead of taking  the time for meditation and prayer as I typically do...I blew it off and figured I could handle it.

And what do I get as a result of that behavior?  Well...I feel out of balance and really, I am not kidding...out of sync with the world around me and with myself. All that because I tried to rest control of my life and it's worries from a CREATOR who was and is more then willing to handle that crap for me today or any other day. Why I must always persist on repeating past mistakes when I know the outcome of that behavior...well, I'll never learn I suppose. Maybe it's habit...actually I do think habit has something to do with it but I suspect there is a part of me that is lazy and doesn't want to take the time or make the effort to meditate. 

Which is ridiculous because I always feel refreshed and glad I did it when i do take the time to pray and meditate. I need to to take heed of that lesson I believe...                                    

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