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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Grandma, Pancakes, A Life-Time Ago and Bluegill

There is definitely time in life for restraint and I am doing my best to exercise some of it when it comes to the subject of a certain custody situation and a certain family.I know I am being vague...I have to be. This situation is screwed up enough with out me doing or saying something that could end up making it worse for someone I care a lot about. Want to read between the lines...go ahead, this is all I can really say about it and THEM. Oh other then to admit that in my weaker, less Jesus inspired moments I really wish they'd all rot in Hell. 

Now that those ugly feelings are out of the way I can think about more pleasant sunsets at night being a sailor's delight and the like. That saying always reminds me of my grandmother because without fail, she would repeat it at every red sky night we ever had here at the Coldwater Lake because she simply loved the notion that one or more of her grandsons would get up before dawn and catch a mess of bluegill, rock-bass, perch and crappie for breakfast. Yep...That is a Davis family tradition that still very much has stood the test of time: Pancakes and fish, Eggs and fish...all with potatoes and fresh fruit. Breakfast was a work of art back in the days of our old cottage. Often we would have people drop in for breakfast. In the summer breakfast and lunch were often breakfast was served late. 

Not sure why I happened to recall that tonight but what the heck...there it is. A bunch of wonderful memories...a cottage full of kids and adults acting like little kids (the beer drinking men water skiing and shooting off mega fireworks. 
At least for me                                                                                                                                                any way...that is still a cherished memory and that place will always be my favorite place in the whole world...even though it is now physically gone. Funny but where I am actually sitting right now would have been just outside of the north corner of the front (lakeside) porch (right where we are standing in the picture of my family circa 1987, above). Often I forget that the cottage was RIGHT HERE where I am, where I live...right now. It seems like another lifetime ago...and in many ways that is exactly what it was. Exactly....

[By the way...the pic above is my Mum/Dad, my sister Elizabeth, her husband Dave and their first daughter Angie, my two kids Chelsea/Ian and yours truly with the most awesome mullet you'll ever see...except you can't really see it!]


  1. It must me an emotional roller coaster to physically be in the same place. I can barely breathe when I even think about heading home.

    How far you've come.

  2. This is different then if I was living close to my actual home where I grew up. This is where I spent Summers and for the most part they were Idyllic...and really good memories...from being a very young boy hunting for turtles out of an old wooden row boat to high school age partying and young romance...unlimited pot supply, unlimited use of 3 different boats, no parental supervision, being 16, having my own car, several very pretty girls hanging around and this was Pre-Aids so sex was open and un-hindered by fear, cut-off shorts and bikini's, skinny dipping it seems like every night...the smell of Hawaiian Tropic Sun Tan Oil takes me right back to that time. 1979...seeing Van Halen (the original version in their PRIME) at War Memorial in Ft Wayne IN...they were great times. 3 years later I had to drop out of college and go to work because I was going to be a father...And the dream was OVER...reality began!