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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Foolish, Nonsense Rules The Day!

November and the Election is a long way off and I already want to puke after continually reading and hearing the awful rhetoric, distortions and judgmental name calling/finger-pointing that is going on. And I am not talking about the politicians, TV pundits or anyone else famous. Nope I am talking about the so-called self-appointed experts on Face-Book and around town...many of whom I accepted as friends.

I have always voted for the best candidate and am not and have never been a member or believer in either party. Yes I realize there is more then two party's but let's get realistic...those are the only two that are least for now. But I respect people and their right to choose....that is why we are called "free" when we enjoy "freedom"..we have the right to choose our leaders. I may not agree with you...I may debate the different candidates but I will not call anyone stupid or a fool for watching a certain news channel or having your own beliefs.

There is so much ugliness to this campaign stuff that it is sick. There is a gentleman on FaceBook who I used to respect who persists in calling everyone who happens to think differently then he does's disturbing, complete nonsense and insulting. I have no respect for anyone who behaves that way and I certainly have no respect for him or anyone else like him. Does he actually believe that belittling people will get them to agree with him?! In fact I think he's lost his mind the way he rails on, foaming at the, keyboard as it were. This is a grown adult (supposedly), a retired professional absolutely blows my mind.

It's incredible to read his accusations of how intolerant everyone is who is Republican or watches Fox News yet he comes out calling everyone a stupid-idiot who disagrees with him. At first I thought it was a joke, that he was kidding and acting this way on purpose to make a point. Nope...unfortunately it isn't a's all to real.

I get discouraged when I see what politics are like today. How people blindly follow Ideology instead of doing the work themselves to figure out for themselves who should be the next president. Peoples reliance on the Media to do their thinking for them is nothing short of frightening. It scares me to no end...

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