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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh The IRONY!: The Dog I Saved Now Hates Me...

It's ironic how life can take little twists and turns on our daily journey here on this planet. Currently I find myself feeling a wee bit under a dog! Huh!? Yea that's right, I'm feeling under appreciated and my feelings are currently really hurt by the behavior of a dog! And to make matters was a dog didn't really happen to care for that much or have a whole lot of contact with...until the day, 4 days ago that I pulled it out from under a golf cart after it had been completely run over and dragged for 10 feet or so. 

This is a huge dog (Pictured above, before the accident), one of those full grown pure bred standard Poodle, probably weighing 85-95lbs and standing 3' or so at the shoulders. The dog was spread eagle, completely smashed under this golf cart. The owner had been walking/running him (she has had a stroke and it is the only way she can exercise him) as she has since she got him. they were very experienced at doing this and the dog, BO loved it. But the owner got distracted and BOOM, the dog got in the way.

Well, it was pretty serious and I had a tough time just getting him out from under the cart. We got him back to her house, tried to stop the bleeding of multiple cuts and clean the pee/poop he had all over him. I then lifted him into the van to go to the vet.

He has some bad wounds, he ground the pad right off one of his back feet and destroyed the tendon but NO broken bones.

But even though he is now home and doing well, that dang dog thinks I'M the one who hurt him!! He won't come any where near me...the dumb thing. I know it shouldn't but it bothers me, it really does. Hey I can understand (sort of) that he associates me with the accident but next time I'll just leave him there! Not really but I do feel pretty darn under appreciated right  NOW! Perhaps he or I will eventually get over it...we'll see.  

To make things even more interesting, BO lives in the house Kim lives in now so essentially BO is her new pet and I'll see this paranoid and surly Poodle pretty much every day now...lucky me. I never did care for dogs with PERMS....


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