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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fade To Black

Well this day is finally fading into memory and even though it was full of difficulty due to K's car issue's, everything seems to have worked out pretty well. Now it's the weekend and it is the first one ever having the folks back home and Kim settled into her new place, just a couple houses away...right down the street. It is exciting and I didn't used to be the kind of person who got all pumped up by such "trivial" things....I have grown up and learned a few of life's more important it's relationships that matter over selfish, personal pleasure.

I guess I feel like things are finally "fitting together" after years of struggle and hardship to get clean and learn how to live a productive and fulfilling life without  focusing entirely on ME, ME, ME all the time. In many ways it has been liberating to try to "Live for HIM (GOD)" instead of spending every waking moment trying to fulfill my own desires. That kind of focus may seem impossible for some folks, it was most definitely impossible for me at to understand. I thought belief and dependence on God meant you were weak.

But I had lived my life for so long selfishly zeroed in on just me that I missed the true joy of giving of oneself to a greater cause. Sure things can still be difficult and it certainly isn't always easy but it's so rewarding that it makes the occasional difficulty all the more worthwhile.

I am just really grateful that I have another opportunity at living this life...I certainly did not deserve one so I try to make the very best of it...each and every day.

OK...enough of that...It is most definately time to get "horizonzal" and get some shut eye so that's it for "Shell Shock" for the day....Good Night.

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