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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Saying...

Well...the 4am grocery adventure was a success and I am now back home snug as bug. We have had a rather cold spell of weather the last few days and it is quit windy as well. Ironic, yes because my mother/father arrived here yesterday from wintering in Florida and there were snow flurries...much more typical weather for early April in lower Michigan then the sustained 70-80's we had been having. But by the weekend we are supposed to be in the upper 60's to lower 70's again.

It is nice to have my parents home. I have been their resident caretaker here on the island for nearly 5 years and it has been a real treat for me. Don't get me wrong....even during my active addiction I had a good relationship with the both of them but I did everything in my power when drinking, etc to destroy and betray their trust. It's nice to have all that back now and I love them both very much. My Dad turned 82 years old yesterday and I have noticed that he has slowed down some and his hearing, even with the hearing aid is pretty much shot. Of course the V.A. (Veterans Administration) is giving him the run around about his disability claim...he was in the artillery and of course they never used any hearing protection back then.

So things are back to normal now except K-Sue lives right down the street, a real sweet, freaking treat!  So that will actually be nice getting used to...having K as a neighbor.                            

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