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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Burning Retina Warning case any of you who don't live around here were wondering...The Freaking Sun is out in full force today. A total "Retina Warning" Day..a Day Oakley Sunglasses DREAMS of!

OK...why am I making such a big deal of the sun and how bright it is. Well, I live right on the water of a lake and the house faces east, so when Mr Sun rises in all his cloudless sky glory, the rays reflect off the water and the effect is extremely powerful. And I have really sensitive eyes...which turned out to actually be true but I originally made the claim to justify to my X buying multiple pairs of super expensive Ray Bans, Oakley's and Maui Jim, etc. glasses.

It's true...I am the "Anti-Sun Worshiper"...I prefer cloudy days though I do like the sun if I'm dressed for sunny weather...IE: with nice sunglasses. Today the sunlight is literally just FLOODING into the house and I was almost startled by the intensity of it.

All right...the absurdity of dedicating an entire blog post to bright, sunny days and how they bother me is just starting to settle in but hey...that is what you get with me at times on Shell Shock Serenade: A loose cannon in a really cool pair of shades! Hope YOU enjoy the Sun today, People!!

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