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Friday, April 6, 2012

King Of PAIN

Today is a day of intense pain for me as the last few days have been painful as well. And trust me, I live with pain every single day of my life so when i make a special note of's not good. I really suffer but all I can do is just hang on and it eventually passes...but I rarely have any realistic notion of how long these episodes will last. Often it is a day or two but there have been some that last a week or longer.

I rarely speak of my pain because it is a fact of life and complaining does nothing but make it worse. I don't want sympathy....feeling sorry for me doesn't make me feel any better.

I used to think in my twisted mind, especially right after I sobered up that I deserved every bit of it, that I was being punished for being a bad person. I learned that it doesn't work that way...God forgave me  and I was saved. I just know that no matter how much I hurt, that it pales in comparison to what Jesus suffered for all of us on the CROSS that day...TODAY Good Friday.

I do think I will write a post, probably later on today about what it is like living with chronic pain and disability. But for now, I'll leave with the thought of our Lord dying on the  Cross, taking on the total wrath of an angry God so all of our sins can be forgiven if we repent and ask for it. Have you asked for forgiveness?

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