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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Time Questions About God

As a boy I was always fascinated by the period of time between Palm Sunday and Easter, when Jesus had risen from the dead. My Mom recalls that even as a very young boy I had an interest...a passion for the Crucifixion and what it all was suppose to mean. 

Lately, as I have been doing these Bible reading sessions a few times a week, I obviously have covered a lot of ground in the Good Book and it just amazes me how that all went down. 

A God so loving, he sends his only Son, an actual part of himself to take on all the sins of man at one time. I'll admit, it wasn't and still always isn't an easy concept to understand and I am certainly not an expert or even very knowledgeable on the subject. A fantastic book on the subject is John Stott's "The Cross Of Christ". It was not until I read through that incredibly researched and written work as part of a book study with a friend that I finally after all these years understood basic Christian beliefs. I have followed that up with "Doctrine" by Mark Driscoll and the two books combined have cleared up a great deal of my confusion and answered an awful lot of questions I've had about Christ, God etc since I was a boy.

If you are having some serious doubts about what Christianity means, I suggest reading those two books.

I've run out of time. Obviously with Easter being this Sunday i will probably be discussing this subject more then I usually do. I had some serious issues with amazes me still that today I call myself a believer!

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