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Monday, April 23, 2012

ACH...I Feel Ill...All Over Again!

I am definitely carrying some emotion into this day. Yes, it's anger and I would say that it is healthy and justified. Because there are always possible legal ramifications when talking about the custody of a minor child, I cannot really delve into any detail but this situation that K has been dealing with is simply insane. Unfair doesn't even come close to doing it justice but honestly I can not really say anything else about it.

I was involved in my own situation for years with an ex who did not want to participate in the lives of her kids but never once did she use them to try and get back at me. That seems to be the norm in this situation...not only with ex's but with family members as well. They have no morals, no conscience and quite frankly haven't the intelligence to realize that just perhaps they don't KNOW everything...they are convinced they do yet their own lives are pathetic. I have never seen a situation where a few bucks and I literally mean a few bucks and simple convenience would lead a parent to repeatedly put their child in less then ideal situations where safety and behavior is concerned. It's frightening....and terribly irresponsible.

I've had to make those choices myself and it wasn't easy. But you have to do what is right for the child...not yourself. No matter what the consequences are. This situation makes me sick and shouldn't even be happening. This is behavior you see repeatedly on the Jerry Springer show and perhaps I was naive and thought people like that didn't really exist...that it was really all an act for TV. Sorry my dear readers...but they do exist, unfortunately for ALL of us...they really do.

OK...enough EMO:V-ing for one morning. Talk to you later...

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