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Monday, April 2, 2012

Drastic Differences For Those Who BELIEVE

I started out my day today in kind a cool way. Typically, I have a book study and discussion with a couple of guys on Monday mornings at 8am. My buddy Mark and I started doing this 6 weeks or so ago. Last year he and I would play golf every Monday morning at 7:30a or so, now we play after our book study.

This morning, the third member of our study group has a house full of kids/grand kids visiting for their Spring Break. So we went ahead and played anyway and another fellow from my Friday morning Breakfast group joined us. It was a great time.

My point for bringing this up is that at one time I never would have believed I would be spending my time with guys, one I don't really even know reading the Bible and playing golf together. And what's even better is that I am ENJOYING blows me away how drastically a persons life can change, for the good if you just keep doing the right things.