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Sunday, April 29, 2012

NIGHT Fall On The Island

Nightfall...still an odd and somewhat interesting time of the day for me. It is often a trigger that makes me think of the partying days, spending time up north or over at my good friend's place in New Richmond, MI. I have always had an certain kind of affair with the night...with darkness specifically and I am certain think that is NO coincidence.    

I know that during my days of active addiction I just always felt like I was hiding something, I felt like a phony even when didn't have anything to hide and night-time was just the natural choice because I didn't feel so noticeable...I wasn't really a "night person", actually I am a morning person and always was...nobody is around to notice you early in the morning either so I comfortable then as well.

Now that I've found myself struggling to sleep as of late, I have come to appreciate and despise the night in equal parts! I take advantage of the time to read, to write here on the blog and so forth...but obviously that only goes so far and a person needs to sleep!

Well we shall see because I am very near to turning in for the night right now. I think I am going for a short walk...then stretch out and try to sleep. I definitely miss having Kim around for these short, impromptu walks in the evening but her situation is so good right now that I cannot complain. And realistically she needs the rest because of her work. Our time will come! Good Night every one....                                                                                                               

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