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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

At Least It Wasn't The Toilet This Time!!

Any fairly perceptive reader can probably gather by the title of this post that the author (that would be ME) has gone off and done something really dumb today...and they would be correct in their assumption.

I ran a rather large load of laundry today, nothing special clothes, some golf towels, bath towels...Oh yea and my Samsung Galaxy S II Smart Phone from Sprint! Yep I went and ran my PDA through the wash, completely ruining the dang thing. 

I am fortunate because I have Sprint's Insurance Plan so the phone will be replace by USPS Next Day Mail. It's just a hassle because everything I do involves that smart calandar, it's my only phone, I keep a journal on it, I text and email frequently, I even post blogs and take picks with it for Shell Shoc.

Of course the timing couldn't be worse because Kim's car is in the shop and I have to coordinate with the garage tomorrow to pick it up. Luckily I had an old phone of K's that I had Sprint activate for the evening so I am connected.

Thew last time I ruined a phone by getting it wet goes back to my drinking and drugging days. I was snorting a line of Coke on the counter by the bathroom sink (and this was at my own house!) and the phone was in a jacket pocket. When I bent over to do the line...OUT slides the phone...right into the toilet!

Thankfully it had been flushed but still...the phone was a total loss. I was expecting a call on scoring more coke so I had to run out as fast as I could and pay cash for a brand new phone since I wasn't due for a discounted by upgrade. I was re-connected in two hours but it still really was a bummer.

Since the Smart-Phone I have today costs a fortune without an upgrade (and I am not eligible anyway) the insurance was definitely the way to go. It costs like $4 a month and this was the second time (that was a different phone) I have filed a claim and had a phone replaced.The first one was for a mechanical issue so I am pretty much sold on the notion that it is worthwhile investment, especially considering it would cost over $500 to buy this exact same phone.

So even though it is a hassle to have to replace all the Apps, and start over I feel quite fortunate to be able to replace it and so quickly. The woman on the phone said it would be here tomorrow and it was here in a day the last time I did it so I expect it will be here tomorrow.

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