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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Love...

At the age of 50 I've fallen big time for a brand new love. I am absolutely, head over heals in love with...Oatmeal for breakfast.

It is some what of a pattern for to to find a food I really like and then eat it religiously for a period of time so I am not yet convinced that this passionate new love affair with oatmeal is the "real thing" or just another passing fancy but there is no doubt that I am smitten.

And oddly enough I am not talking about oatmeal, loaded down with granola or nuts and dried cherries...nope...just plain, old oatmeal and just a touch of brown sugar.

I realize that it sounds like I am making a really big deal out of nothing here but food can be a difficult issue for me and my stomach/digestive finding something that I not only can tolerate but enjoy is a big deal.

Often when we get into recovery, we find ourselves feeling better physically as well as spiritually, psychological and emotionally. And that makes perfect sense because in my case I spent 30 plus years terribly abusing my body. I never ate right..often going long stretches where the only thing I consumed were booze and drugs....that takes it's toll.

So I certainly found myself feeling better, putting on weight and being interested in taking care of myself. But what I also found was that I had permanently done some damage to my body. Last year I had a pretty serious operation on my stomach to correct some of the effects of Barrett's Esophagus Disease...a pre-cancerous condition brought on by years of ignoring acid reflux.

To say I am still sensitive to the kind of foods I eat is putting it mildly. It has to be bland and not too heavy. I've gotten to the point where I really cannot eat Italian or Mexican food anymore which is a shame because they are two favorites of mine.

So it is exciting when I find foods that set well with me...particularly early in the day when my stomach is at it's most sensitive. Developing consistent and healthy eating habits has actually been a bigger problem then I would have expected it to be. I am just not used to paying much attention to what I was putting in my body...I was definitely negligent in years past even though I knew better. Those poor eating habits have conntinued thuthas

So that is a real focus for me right now...that and exercise. Getting exercise is another difficulty because of my physical limitations due to my disability. I can walk and be active, even play golf but often I can only due things for a short period of time. Running and biking...big cardio exercises are out of the question. I could probably swim laps but there isn't many places around here where it is convenient to swim laps. 

It is definitely a focus this summer because I have put on weight and I don't feel very well. So we'll just have to stay motivated and open minded. 

Well it's time to head into town to see the Ladies at M-Ville and do a little Bible-Reading...perhaps we'll catch you all a little later.

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