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Friday, April 13, 2012

The ROCK & A Really HARD Place

I woke up early this morning wondering if I should start another blog...this one focusing purely on the other words my beliefs as a Christian. It once again brings me to a familiar cross roads in recovery related to religion. 

Many people in recovery will admit that a belief in a "Higher Power" or God figure is essential to recovery, to get away from this inherent belief as addicts that WE are in control, that essentially we are God.

The difficulty arises when you put the label "Christian" on what your beliefs are all about. Because many people in general as well as in recovery (this includes myself) had a great deal of trouble with Christianity or Religion in their past and just will not have anything to do with it.

A lot of us, come to our belief in the Lord through Recovery's "Back Door" as it were...believing there is a God of some sort and agreeing that HE is indeed more powerful then we are. Then eventually this general belief in a "God" morph's into, through time and experience...a belief in Christ.

My rational for considering another blog for expressing my spiritual beliefs more specifically is that I feel a need, a spiritual need to write more about it but I fear that doing it on Shell Shock Serenade will alienate folks looking for recovery help who would be turned off by the "religion" talk.

It is a serious dilemma because I know in my heart I should just be me and write what I think and God to reach those who needs him. On the other hand I know how mistrustful addict/alcoholics are of religion. I am also afraid that having to maintain 2 blogs will water down the writing and neither one will really be good any more.

Any feedback on this subject would be gratefully appreciated.

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