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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coming Or Going...Am I?!

In a few minutes I'll be venturing outside for the first time really in a couple days. Oh I'd head out for some fresh air for a moment but I've basically stayed in since Tuesday. I feel a bit better (sort of) but it fluctuates...I was still running a fever earlier this morning.

I'll tell you being ill really messes up my routine and throws my organized life into chaos...well not drug addiction style chaos but recovery type planning chaos! I know...goofy, I hear ya! But typically the things I do in the morning this week were shelved because of my health. 

I usually meet a couple of guys on Wednesday morning for a spiritual discussion,volunteer at Masonville (Nursing Home)right after that then have a prayer/group study in the evening...all a wash yesterday and it blows because I really enjoy doing those things.

I usually meet a buddy at 8a on Thursday for Bible Study but I forgot to text him to verify..he has been busy a lot Thursdays lately. I don't want to bug him with an early call so I figured I would go and if he shows then cool...if not I need a hair-cut and to run some errands anyway....I mean I REALLY need a haircut so that alone justifies the trip though I am starting to wear down already just thinking about it! Jeez...I am typically not this disorganized but like I said, my routine and planning has all gone to the birds...hahaha.

So basically this post is about mundane daily stuff and my own CONFUSION. Or my inability to kick start my daily life after I have been on the shelf for a couple of days...What is strange is it all seems like such a big deal because I haven't really done anything out of the house for awhile so it shouldn't be difficult, really. It's all relative, I suppose...based on what your doing...this feels like busy because I haven't been busy for awhile.

Off I go I guess...I feel like if I don't get moving I'll talk myself out of it all together! Anyway, I'm coming home right afterward anyone so I need to stop acting like a baby and get it over with!!

(Painting by Henri Mattise)