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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saying NO To Vengeance

There are times when I get emotional about something...I mean so angry and upset...that I can't seem to get any satisfaction by just talking to someone or expressing it in the normal way. At those moments I really have to resist the urge to tear that person or thing up in an editorial post here on the blog. I learned that lesson very vividly thanks to Charter Communications.

Within the last year, we had an incident here at the house where we didn't have Cable, phone and Internet for a day or two. The issue was at the Cable Company's end of things and honestly, they didn't handle it very efficiently or professionally. So after several attempts to get it figured out with no satisfaction...well, I was angry...and I took them to task here on Shell Shock by name, in a rather sarcastic and scathing post...The very next morning I had a very serious and professional e-mail response from a fellow who said he was the Charter Communications Director of Social Networking or some such title. He was from their Customer Care Division, specializing in criticism on Blogs, FaceBook and other Social Networking/Internet Communications sites. Yep they google hit results for Charter Communication...follow the link and read all the complaints and they saw my post.

This gentleman was very apologetic and helpful....offering to make things right and removing several days worth of charges and giving us a direct number to his office if there were any further issues. I was astounded and frankly, a bit embarrassed that I had actually written about them in such a way and received a response. I learned a lesson that day about the sheer power of Internet communication and I was in awe...

So I have to be extra careful not to pop off about something or some one here on The SHOCK because it is just not the appropriate place to take care of such business.

I have a personal issue in my life that has really been troubling me that concerns K-Sue and I am getting really upset about it. There just doesn't seem to be anyway to take care of this situation because the person involved is full of self righteous indignation and certain they are right. It's an awful situation and one that I honestly can't really do anything about...Yet, I really want to rip them a new way to go to the bathroom by taking them to task here on the blog!

I know, I know...I just can't go there and especially since I know now how posting things here can really affect people. I just have to accept that some folks are going to be idiots and do my best to take care of Kim. Ultimately it is her getting hurt that really bothers me. That is a new situation for me to a degree...truth be told, because I'm not that used to caring about another person the way I do Kim.

Anyway I have to let it go and trust that things will work out for the best in the end....and avoid letting my emotions get the best of me.