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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The D IS B...(As In BAD!)

Ach! This little puppy of a post is going to be scattered all over the freaking place...I just feel like yapping and since there is no one here and K-Sue is on the road here with Mackaroo...well dear reader, today is YOUR lucky little day now isn't it?! Don't run...please, hey come back I was just kidding, you don't have to shut the computer down yet...

Oh boy was I excited this morning because today was the first REAL day of the College Football Season. Mainly it's the first Saturday...they played games Thursday and Yesterday but it's Game Day on Saturday that really KICKS it all off!

Because of my volunteer commitment and Kim & McK- coming here, I did not go to the Purdue vs Middle Tennessee State game with my dad at West Lafayette, IN this afternoon. Good thing too...Purdue was AWFUL! They won but not until the final minute and then they still almost gave it up to a team they should have HAMMERED several times over. Plus it was pushing a hundred freaking degrees and there is NO shade in that stadium at all. I wasn't sorry I missed it, let me say that.

I was almost sorry I even watched it though on the was pathetic though Caleb TerBush looked like he has potential at QB but it's hard to judge him on this his first start and only second game played EVER at the College Level! The offense wasn't bad but the Boilers D quite frankly SUCKED. They were awful and I saw ZERO improvement from the bumbling, stumbling pathetic D of the past. Plus Special Teams turned the ball over early in the game (AGAIN!) leading to MTS's first TD and what would have been the difference making score if we hadn't figured out a way to win in the last minute...ACH, I still feel sick!

We pounded the ball on there ground and had a decent passing game and I think the potential is there for this O to be good. TerBush looks like he may be the real deal as well. But the D frightens me...a great deal...they just plain stunk today...they were BAD. I'm not talking "GOOD-Bad" Nope just plain 'ole BAAAADDD! Sure they were rusty, first game of the season but they repeatedly showed the same penchant for the SAME mistakes that they repeatedly made last year.

Oh well, it is a W but they go on the road next week to Option team that will give our D fits....that could be a loss if we don't get our act together fast. Well that's a week away...until then lets enjoy this one. could be the only one all year!!