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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Smirk, Smile...Smugness

OK...I suppose some sort of apology...or perhaps just an explanation is indeed necessary because of my "Potty Post"from  earlier in the day. Frankly my Cockiness and EGO aren't going to let me apologize because even though I may be in a distinct minority here...I thought it was vaguely appropriate and really kind of funny. This blog is about ME and MY life after all, now that I am in recovery...what could be more representative of my life at the moment then an honest to goodness post, live from the seat of a toilet. For those who are, ahmm...curious...Yes, I was actually in the act of using it.

Mercifully....I will once again refrain from any life action shots. I suppose I may have disappointed a few of my regular readers with my foray in to bathroom humor but I do have kind of a twisted sense of what is funny and I have to be honest, the notion just occurred to me on the spot and I started to chuckle out loud. Good thing I was alone in the rest room at the time!

But I have said in recent posts that I am trying to lighten up a bit. Shell Shock typically is a serious blog about very serious subjects so I thought a bit of irreverent humor might be welcome. If I offended anyone I am truly wasn't my intention. 

But to be truthful, though I am honestly sorry if I did put anybody off with the bathroom (literally) joking I will probably continue to do the very same thing. What can I say? I'm an idiot....