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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Forbidden Subjects or Just CRAP!

I'm craving cereal right now but I'm not very motivated to get up and make myself a bowl. Instead I just sit here and  find my eyes wandering down my arm to stare awhile at my sunburned skin...not going to have a tan much longer with Fall coming on hard right now...For the first time this season, College Football is on Thursday night TV. Wisky vs UNLV (Wisconsin vs University of Nevada Las Vegas)...So to say my sense of seasonal timing is a tad off tonight would be an understatement...a really BIG understatement! 

I have a lot of unconnected thoughts, questions and ideas running loose in my head. That can be a potentially volatile situation to say the least! That is why I thought it might just be better if I sat down and let them fly here at the old keyboard. Basically it was a case of "I don't know what to do with all this nonsensical crap...I'll turn it into a blog post!" So here we are...

I have been kicking around ideas for blog posts...something I don't often do because most of my blog post material is spontaneous. Really, 
I would say 95% of my blog posts come right from stream of consciousness. I sit down with out a clue as to what I am going to write about, start typing an idea or words and the post begins to flow. It's kind of cool really and I never knew that I had this ability to write.

One of the actual post ideas I am mulling over is a bit controversial which explains why I haven't touched this subject yet with a post. Shell Shock Serenade is a blog about a recovering addict/alcoholics life in recovering...the good, the bad and the ugly. In addition to being a recovering addict, I am also the survivor of sexual assault...RAPE.

One of the subject areas that I have not even hinted at in this blog is views on sex and, how they were affected by what happened to me, etc., etc. I am really not sure that I want to go there for several different reasons. Yea, it's very private thing talking about one's view of sex and it can be embarrassing. Typically I'm not a person that is super shy about that subject in the right setting and context.

So I wonder if I should break the seal on this whole new area of discussion and post about SEX tonight or first thing tomorrow? I may...I don't really know. It could be rather mundane going and boring or I could really be unlocking an area that just explodes right before my eyes...We'll see I guess.

I feel a bit restless tonight, that can be a positive or a negative thing for me. The holiday weekend is coming up and there is already some increased activity here on the isle...Typically I really like it when there is a holiday here on the island but Labor Day has always had a negative feeling attached to it because it signals the end of the summer, back to the business of school and severe winter weather here in Michigan! Oh well...

OK I'm gonna shut this puppy down and get that cereal I have been craving for over an hour, so good night all...  

(Painting by Henri Mattise)                                   

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