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Thursday, September 29, 2011

GOT That?!

Black Dog Days are here again...Black Dog Days, that's right folks, my cutesy nickname for depression that I pinched from Winston Churchill. Funny though it's one of those "happy" cases of Depression...ever heard of that? me either, I just made it up!

Ach...I am an unhappy know what? I'm not going there. Life actually is really good. I'm tired of this uncontrollable gene or whatever it is that brings on Depression from having a say in how I feel. So I'm fighting back. Thats right I am not giving into the black freaking clouds that are moving in from the north...and south, east and west. 

I think some of it is my physical well being isn't so hot either. My health has deteriorated in the last couple of weeks. It is mainly disability related...terrible electrical shock type pain in both feet. Nerve pain up/down my legs and a real concentration of it in my left side of my neck towards the back. 

We are supposed to go to the Purdue-Notre Dame Football Game Saturday night at 8pm in West Lafayette, IN. Perhaps the stars will align and we can win that game but the experts are not giving the BOILERS much of a chance against the fearsome IRISH of Notre Dame!

I look forward to spending the time with my father but I long ago started disliking 8p start-times to games. It's way too late and we are talking about driving home after the game which means we'll pull in here Sunday morning about 4a or so if traffic is good.

So I'm just going to focus on the game and having a good time with the old man...the Big Black Dog can go bother someone else tonight...I'm too busy being happy, got that?!