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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Useless Background INFO

If anyone has noticed, I changed the look of the blog a bit yesterday. Nothing big, some color scheme changes and a font and font size change here and there was about it. I am not one of those bloggers who is constantly changing things but I do like to keep it fresh...

But I wonder if anyone has actually figured out that I tend to do this kind of background work when I am ill. Yep I woke up yesterday morning still quite sick from the night before and that continues this morning: Fever, sore throat...I just generally feel lousy and I probably won't be going in to volunteer this morning wanting to avoid bringing illness into the nursing home. Naturally with a fever and feeling as I do I tend to stay inside and what do I do when I'm inside? Spend time on the computer and for me that mostly means blog posting.

After awhile you can only write so much so when I started to get a bit fidgety last evening I started to mess around with the thing led to the other and is the new look! I like the white, stream-lined contrast always works for me. So basically I like the new look, it works well for me. Sometime in the future I'll look to make some major changes again updating the blog title picture, etc. again but that was way to ambitious for how I was feeling last night...and this morning.

So I thought I would fill in a bit of the Shell Shock Serenade back ground mystery this morning...typically if I am changing the layout of the blog, I'm most likely sick and bored or just REALLY bored! Now that you know...don't you feel special? I knew you would, haha!