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Friday, September 2, 2011

First Visit Since The BOD's I sit tonight, a Friday night just as the Labor Day Weekend Holiday kicks off and I feel reasonably good this evening. I actually have some plans that just came together an hour or so ago, though it wasn't really something that I had originally planned to do. 

K-Sue is coming down tomorrow, late afternoon and she is bringing one of her 12 year old daughter with her. She has only been here one time before, 5 years ago when she was just a little girl...this was during the BOD's (Bad Old Days...IE: When we were drinking and doping, not a good time in our lives). But I'm looking forward to having the company and seeing Mackaroo again. The weekend should be pretty nice weather wise so it should be good for their visit. I think we might have to do some a little boating and swimming with temps in the 90's tomorrow.

I really can't go into all the different family drama and dynamics on Kim's side, just trust's a real mess but it is definately the right time to do this so we are. We hadn't really planned on it this weekend but knew that sooner or later we should get together down here for a weekend. It will be a good opportunity to show her where her mum spends a lot of her time and we'll get a chance to take her to church Sunday and she'll like that. 

I don't think it's a good idea to expose to much info about K's kids or what we are going to be doing. There has been a lot of drama and suspicion, mostly for no reason so I don't really want to start anything new. But I think it is important to move on and include her kids in her life down here...It is just another part of the over all healing process. We'll see how it goes but I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to go well...I know I am pretty excited and looking forward to it tomorrow.