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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guest Post- The Real Dream Team...

One of the unexpected benefits of blogging over a period of time is you get to know some of the other bloggers out there and read their stuff. From my earliest blogging days I read a blog called Waxed Red Threads by a fellow who lives in the Bronx, NY...Ryan. 

I just could relate to a lot of the stuff Ryan posted about and following his blog daily became parts of my routine. Well he recently asked if I would be interested in guest posting on his blog and having him guest here. Interested? Try honored!

So today he posted something I wrote called : The Real Dream Team: Father's & Son''s a little thing about the significance of sports in the lives of fathers and sons starting of course with My father and my son.

I'll re-post it here in a day or two but to find it now you can check it out at the above link or HERE. WRT's is a blog worth checking out...I highly recommend it and Ryan is also started another blog, mostly sports related and you can get that info on his new ENJOY!