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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Huh?! You Can't Kill It...

I've always kind of wondered if the more sensationalistic, drug and rape posts generate more interest then say the every day sports or spiritual type posts.  Off the top of my head I would have to say that I do think those  kind of posts get more interest, at least more comments then the other type of posts.

The blog posts that have the most hits historically on Shell Shock are Boilers and Blizzards about Purdue Basketball and a snow storm. There is also a post about the Serenity Prayer that has just in recent weeks gotten a lot of hits and moved up. The there are assorted other topics but lately it seems that the harder edged topics tend to get better play or posts that have an unusual, weird or clever names like: A Cosmic Mary Poppins With A Death Wish or Tap Dancing With Chaos (Between Them Ears!). Those type of blog post titles get peoples attention. 

I do like the creative title and try hard to find those that are relevant, humorous or clever. Yea and one that also happens to be related to the subject matter in the post helps too! It is part of the creative process....

I don't get any relevant feedback about subject matter really. Folks who read the blog just accept what I write and go from there. I will say that it does bother me some that I only have a small number of Followers on Blogger, a few more then that on Network Blogs and some on FaceBook Blogs as well. But I get a lot of hits throughout the day. At least to me it's a lot...well over a hundred each day...and it seems to be increasing. 

I think it's healthy to want to appeal to a larger audience but I won't and can't really sacrifice my original intent for The SHOCK and stray just to attract more readers. It's has crossed my mind, using gimmicky ideas like who I'd like to meet for dinner or run a contest. Ach...not my style...I can't do it. I'm not criticizing those things...they just won't work here...Well perhaps I could write about the 5 people I'd like to have been in Rehab with...Let's see Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe and Ernest Hemingway...whoa, I could come up with a lot more.

OK, all kidding aside...I know this type of blog writing and subject matter is never going to appeal to the mainstream blog reader and that is cool, I get that. I do have an EGO and want a lot of folks to read it but that isn't the main motivation for writing this Blog. No there would be two reasons really: One is I do it for myself. I have benefited greatly by getting this stuff out in the open and off my chest. The second reason is to get this subject matter: Addiction/Alcoholism, Sexual Assault, Christianity/Spiritual Matters and a host of other related things out there for people who may be struggling in their own lives to see. 

Bottom line is I write Shell Shock Serenade to help people...myself included. It does seem to be effective and I really like what has happened with this blog over the last 18 months or so I have been writing it...

So I'll keep plugging away but I do want to say that any suggestion at all would be greatly appreciated...I love getting your feedback when it is offered so please feel free!

(Painting by Henri Mattise)