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Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning Report

Oh man is it way too early...and that's coming from a fellow that has been awake and up out of be for nearly 4 hours at this point.
I come up to the clubhouse and help once I awhile especially on holiday weekends so at least there was something constructive to do.
I have no early morning report from the toilet this morning...much to everyones relief. I find it ironic that me dear, sweet daughter found the whole thing funniest of all! I'm so sorry most certainly inherited your sick sense of humor from yours truly.
The temp outside is 54F degrees with a brisk 10-15mph wind...enough to chill 'dem bones for sure. Not a great day for golf. It's been a bit of a down season because of a very cold, wet LATE Spring and having Labor Day be crappy weather wise hurts. I feel bad for Marty who runs the show up here...
Poor guy he is out cutting greens and I'm warm and cozy drinking coffee! Well time to go...until later.