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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's So Good About It?

Evening has fallen over the landscape and with it comes a soft rain, a grey gloom spreading far and wide with each additional drop. And though it is not the optimum day for being outside and doing was a wee bit better earlier in the day so we enjoyed some time outside before the rains came.

Saturdays in the Fall are a favorite time of year for me and the college football games being played all afternoon & evening add a special "aura" to the day. I was raised to watch college football and naturally fell in love with the game. Going to games with my father and watching the games at the stadium were a cherished tradition that still is alive and well. We will continue next week when Notre Dame comes into Ross-Ade Stadium at Purdue for a Nationally televised game at 8p.

Other times we had the games on television or worked outside with the radio tuned into the Purdue game. Perhaps I'm just feeling a little nostalgic tonight...K-Sue is here and we have had a quiet weekend mostly just staying around home...though I think we are going for a ride around the lake to search for ice cream though no one knows about it yet except MOI!!

Readers may wonder why in the world would he even consider this day's activities "post-worthy"...because it's just ordinary, every day kind of stuff. They would be right, it is...except it wasn't "ordinary" for really even close. I never spent Saturday evenings with my family doing quiet things at home...unless I had a beer or a drink in my hand...the whole evening. 

Usually when a certain level of intoxication would be reached..."we" might decide to seek out friends to party with or I'd just completely hammered at home. 

My point is evenings like this never get boring or routine for me. Nope, I am truly thankful for every single night I have that is like is just very peaceful, comfortable and there is something reassuring about it..

I never realized how much LIFE I was really missing while in my drunken haze...I know it is a cliche of sorts but today I cherish every single moment like this. I enjoy the company of friends, of family and future family...Just having an appreciation for being alive is a paradigm shift for this guy. And I love it, I truly do.

So we are off to pile into the car in search for "sights" and ice cream plus a bit of companionship along the way. I never really understood why people who had "ordinary lives", like the one I am now describing would often   say: "Life is Good". I clearly remember wondering: "what's so good about it!?"

Now I know...