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Thursday, September 8, 2011

On The "PLUS" Side (WINK-WINK)
Well for the last few weeks I have been wondering what all this Google+ stuff is all about. I knew it was some kind of a new Social Network/Communication Tool from Google but it was in a trial stage so only "Invited" peeps could use it. It was starting to bug me that I couldn't play around with it curiosity was getting the better of me I suppose.

I had originally signed up as being interested IF a test slot opened up or they finally went public with the whole thing. Well this evening, out of the blue I was invited in to Google+...I got an invite from someone there and that was it...I was IN!

I still know very little about it all but I'm learning as I go. I'm really getting addicted to these new technology tools, especially the Communication/Social Networking (COM/SN) tools. I invited a whole bunch of folks on my contact list so if you happen to be a contact of mine and you received something in email from me about too are getting a special invite to join in...from me. 

I guess that's how it works right now. Since I was allowed in, then I am able to invite people I want to join....they are slowly building up their numbers and working out the BUGS with this smaller "test group" before going totally LIVE. 

It looks like everything is based on "Circles" of friends, Family, whatever...Circles I believe is just another word for "groups". It looks all quite new and fairly interesting so I imagine it is something I'll probably continue to play around with. There are all sorts of tools for photo sharing and other forms of communicating

But if you are a friend of mind and tomorrow you get into work and find an this and you will get an idea of what it's all about. Then join in and check it out for yourself. I always wonder if all these NEW technologies that get launched will actually be successful. I have a hard time seeing anything replace FaceBook at this stage of the game or Twitter so I don't know where something like G+ will fit it. It does seem a bit redundant but I will also admit that I am still learning the ropes so who knows what it is capable of.

People are fickle so you never know what will catch fire and what will fizzle. FaceBook and TWITTER definately caught fire...the JURY is still out about this one, only time will tell.