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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

They Let Me In?!

It has been another day that seems almost as if it didn't exist it slid by so easily without hiccup or speed bumps today. This of course is rare...typically SOMETHING doesn't go as planned but so far today really has...amazing, isn't it.

I'm heading out for an evening at church...I still have a hard time getting my mind wrapped around the fact that I'm going to church! It seems odd...I was so hateful, so angry at churches, religion and Christianity and Christians themselves in particular. It was I who ended up being the most judgemental, not the Christians I knew and met. Sure there are those who are judgemental and intolerant just like any one else but the folks who stick to the Gospel and Jesus as the focal point, I have nothing but admiration for those people I've met.

So here I go...still trippin' on the fact that they'll even allow me in the building, HAHA! Until later....