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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Dirty Little (Family) Secret

Hmmm...I realize this is dangerous but I have really been doing some serious thinking here of late. It seems that there has been more then a few readers who either can relate to multi-tasking on the toilet or just found it typically ME to actually go and blog about it. That got me thinking that perhaps the answer to increasing the readership and Blog Followers of Shell Shock Serenade may lie in my posting more about life's everyday, mundane...albeit less then desirable daily activities. Maybe with this idea, I've finally struck "Blog Gold" here...

Come to think of it, I'm sure that a post about trimming the hair out of my nose or popping the occasional pesky black head on my nose could very possibly launch my blog writing career into Super Blog Writer Stardom! I can just see it now: "FLASH-Post to follow about fighting that annoying case of Hemorrhoids that just won't ever stop itching or ever go away. Here how one Blogger over -came this pesky "pain in the rear"!"

The Ultimate Super Star Post...if this theory of mine proves correct would without a doubt have to be about family's most dreaded secret: We have a curious fondness for flatulence...That's right, my family (with my dear Mother excepted, of course) like to FART.I mean we REALLY get a kick out of "BREAKING WIND". It's obviously a bit "outside the pale" and a wee bit frightening actually to think how much pleasure we do get from ripping a few "Barn Burners" (my Dad's favorite fart related phrase) after a good meal. Oh but it feels so good...

What can I say, the cat's now way out of the bag or perhaps a more appropriate way of putting it would be:"The cheese has now been cut...", because it's no longer just our "smelly little family secret".... Sheesh, it's nearly a problem of epidemic proportions and with out a doubt rivals any of the other addictions that may run through the Davis branch of my family. If there were a 12 Step Program for Flatulence...well we'd be Charter Members!

So I think I may indeed be onto something here...perhaps my blog writing ship has finally come in! Or perhaps I'm once again getting carried away with the notion of making my fame/fortune from something I already do everyday anyway. The old dream of making something for doing nothing...well from farting actually but you get the picture.

Hmm...I wonder if anyone else has any ideas on this new little dream of mine. If so, feel free to share...your ideas, that is!