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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Happy Day, Maddy!

One of the cool things about being a parent is you get to watch your kids grow, learn, develop then grow up and learn to live on their own. One of the real bummers of being a parent is after watching your kids grow, learn, develop then grow up they actually learn to live on their own...and leave you!

Of course this is a good thing but it is a difficult aspect of parenthood...letting go of your children so they can be their very own, special kind of person. And part of that is letting them head off into the big world to fend for themselves...often they do this quite far away from where they grew up..and perhaps where we are still living...

I'll get to the point...My daughter Chelsea, my oldest lives in Greenville SC with her husband Joel and their two children Mason who is 4 and Maddox (Maddy to me, his Grandpa) is 2 years old....TODAY. And that's the's his birthday and his grandfather is nowhere near him on his Big Day #2.

Now don't get me wrong...they are living right where they are supposed to be. It really seems like moving to South Carolina was the right choice and they are thriving...doing very well. And I love it's a beautiful area and a gorgeous part of the country.

It is just hard being away from those you love and days like today, Maddy's 2nd Birthday just serve as a reminder that we are physically a long way away from each other. But in our hearts,it's a different story all together.

So I just wanted to start the day today by letting Mr Maddy know that his Grandpa is thinking about him. I also want Chelsea, Joel and Mr Mason to know that I am thinking about all of them this morning and really missing them as well...