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Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Eye On The Sky

I thought I do something a little different with text today and coordinate it with the blog background color for no reason at all other then I just got a a notion to do it. I sure hope that is OK with you my dear, dear reader. It may be annoying and I may just get tired of doing it but I figure it's sort of creative and definately different...

This has been one Sunday that I have really enjoyed like I always figured a Sunday should be enjoyed: filled with rest, puttering around the house/yard, a little recreation (in the form of CG {Crippled Golf}), some reading, watching sports...just a day where I did what I wanted to do. Actually that is something I really never get to do though you would think being "retired" in a way that I would have many more days like this...NOPE. It rarely works out that way though I have started many a Sunday THINKING it was going to be a day of peace and serenity...only to go totally in another direction, haha!

I figure at 5:30p in the afternoon we are far enough along with the day that I can claim it as a success...though with my track record the sky could fall down at any moment though I'll hope and pray for the best. 

Well this is turning out to be one of those rare Shell Shock Posts that is not hard-core or serious or related to something serious...a light hearted posting to go along with a light and airy day. So it's time to close, throw the burgers on the grill and settle in for an evening of more serenity and relaxation...that is if the sky doesn't fall down!