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Monday, September 12, 2011

Irreverent Dribble...Satire

Now we close another long yet rewarding day. I hadn't really planned for anything accept going at 6:30 to the Branch County Jail for the church service held there on Monday nights. It was an experience I wouldn't trade away for means a lot to me to be able to attend.

Of course there were quite a few familiar faces from my last visit....gut check time and place for me. I had to really, truthfully ask and then answer that ONE question: Should I really be here??! The answer I keep getting back loud and clear is YES, this is the only place I want to be on Monday night.

I can't really see doing it any other go where the people are who need's as simple as that. I have had some people say to me: "Thom, you've been sober over 5 years, why do you still go to places like the Jail, or out-reach Centers & Self-Help Meetings where there are addicts who are still practising their addiction. Why do you keep going to such places where there is so much anger, heartbreak and despair?'s where I am suppose to be. I just get motivated to be there, it helps me to stay grounded, focused on others and not myself. And yea...that does still help me to stay sober and share peoples lives. I cannot imagine missing it... and I would miss it, a great deal. doesn't seem like a I'm doing anything particularly special...I'm just following my heart and since GOD inhabit's my HEART then I believe it is where HE wants me to be right now...

(Painting by Henri Mattise)