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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised!

At times, events in one's life can really seem odd...almost like they aren't real. It can be difficult to discern reality from fiction at times...especially with the instant media and satellite access we have now. My love for live sporting events can also muddy the reality waters a bit. I can get so wrapped up in a team, wanting them to win that when they lose, especially a game where they had the contest seemingly in hand, I experience emotions that are not proportional with the reality of the facts.

The Purdue Boilermaker Football Team, one of my very favorites...lost today at RICE 24-22 when they had a routine 31 yard Field Goal BLOCKED with time running out. I basically went in shock for a few minutes after being very, very angry...way to angry I was and all because of a game that means NOTHING in the big picture of LIFE. 

It was a game Purdue had NO business winning anyway because they are not very good but considering they have one of the best place kickers in the country and had moved into what amounts to easy Field Goal range for him...they definately should NOT have had the kick blocked.  I do not like feeling anger to this degree in my life any more. I was an angry and hurt man for far too many years and I don't care to be reminded of how that feels. I don't know why I get so wrapped up in a game but I totally dislike the way it makes me feel.

It is like I feel melancholy and used for the rest of the night now and I actually had a wonderful time. I spent some time over at the fish boil party I mentioned in an earlier post and you know what? It was wonderful, I enjoyed myself way more then I expected to plus the food was super: big chunks of salmon and perhaps lake trout...i'm not sure...potatoes, pearl onions...just a delightful take on a boiled dinner theme. 

There were a lot of people and the only down side and it wasn't really too bad was the weather: It rained like crazy most of the time I was there but every thing was under tents so that was all that bad either.

I discovered something kind of interesting...usually, as I mentioned in that previous post, I don't like going alone to these type of events because I feel awkward. I discovered when I got there a whole bunch of my buddies who are in recovery. I hung out at a table with them and started to feel all those weird, troubled feelings I start to get at a social event. I started thinking that I was going to leave until I saw a couple of friends from church sitting at another table so I went over a sat with them.

I ended up having a great time. I met up with a bunch of other friends from church plus some from recovery buds and the party was awesome. Not sure why that was except the second group of friends I was with are really close and the recovery buds were more casual types except for one fellow. So perhaps that was it plus I have been so active in stuff relating to my spiritual life that I seemed to have more shared common interests right now with the folks from my church...any way I was super glad I went.

And now I'm home and desperately craving Ice Cream so this seems like the absolutely perfect time to shut down this post and chow see 'ya!