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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aftermath-Post E-Vomit

I find it quite interesting that the emotional mood of my posts here on the SHOCK seem to be matched up rather nicely with how I feel physically. Now I'm sure most readers are going "DUH, Thom...'ya think?!" But it becomes an even bigger deal for me because I often (read: I feel lousy more then I don''s my "norm".) am feeling either severe pain from my disability related to my back, neck, legs and feet or I still am feeling illnesses related to my stomach (and now the hormone therapy I'm on).

So I must conclude then that if my moods are seriously impacted by my physical condition and I feel ill or pain pretty much constantly, my daily struggle becomes one of now feeling emotionally, psychologically and spiritually DOWN all the time. It becomes a real freaking challenge, 'ya think? Yep, that I do...

Hence my reliance and belief that true freedom from the chains of pain and illness lie not only with medical care/healthy living/exercise but with my spiritual condition. And for the most part it is a life worth living....but I have my moments.

Last night for example, I once again used this blog to Emotionally Vomit (Emo-V, E-Vomit, EV, etc). There definately is a pattern here where I do this periodically and once again it proved effective in at least sweeping the Emo-Poison (emotional crap or "poison") out of my system to achieve a bit of relief, space and prospective.

But I do wonder if that is merely a temporary solution to these time of moods or if it is a viable way of working through built up emotional crap that hinders my growth and just plain makes me feel lousy and/or pisses on my parade and otherwise ruins my day!

Time's up this morning...I am going to help Marty a bit then try to head over to the early service at church. I just don't feel good this morning and I'm embarrassed to admit it but I really believe that whatever hormonal changes are occurring, it causes this heat we are having to really make me ill...

I don't always have great success coming back to post topics but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not finished with this one yet, hehe....