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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Romance Beats Reality

It's funny, well not, maybe a little, yea I suppose it is...that I probably write one of the best recovery/life posts I have ever written this morning, just nailing it and everybody is reading the post from last night about my having a girlfriend. That post has nearly 50 hits in the last few hours, where the Human Taffy Post has just 3! Blogging and living your life publicly can really be humbling...

It probably just verifies what I'm saying in the Taffy post about the need to lighten up a bit...even readers of The SHOCK think so. But sorry folks, this is THE forum where I get to be as freaking serious as I want (or need) to be. But I get it, couples seem to get seems like even the hardest, life long steel worker has a soft spot for romantic liaison's. "Hey Slim, I just heard old Billy Bob's got him a new gal, now ain't that just dandy!? They sure do make a good we just got to find a boyfriend for my sister Margaret....".

Human nature I suppose finds that kind of thing appealing. Anyway, it was something I just noticed. It's somewhat rare for me to write a post that just clicks right away. It's happened but usually at least part of a post takes some refining. Well "Taffy" just rocked from start to finish and the best thing about it was it really captured the essence of something that is really impacting me right now.

OK well I said my piece, of course nobody will read this post either so perhaps I should just do "relationship posts" from now on and just sneak hard hitting little "reality" tid bits into each post. I'd love to do that but I'm afraid my writing skills are not of good enough quality to consistently pull it off. But it sure sounds fun (and devious!). The devious part making it fun!

So there it is...I can't ever win, haha! But anyway it sure has been interesting watching and reading all the reactions. the readers of this blog really don't understand how many people have been really baffled by our relationship over the years so now everyone wants to take credit for it! They can't believe we weren't really "together" before but now that we are everybody is like "I told you so". Ach...sure you did,