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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fire Over The Lake

They got finished shooting fireworks over the lake about an hour ago. There was some concern that they would postpone them because we had thunder showers early in the evening but they cleared and by nightfall KABOOM, off they went. Boats lined up in the lake, coming from all around including other lakes. Coldwater Lake is connected to a half dozen other lakes viw barge channels that were used ages ago to transport Coldwater lake Muck up to a concrete plant on Marble Lake, clear at the other end of the chain chain 'o lakes...

So the house is quiet though it's not quiet outside, this evening....The drunken revelry is in full swing. I almost have to chuckle because today I can't even imagine partying like I used to. This morning up at the club house there were a bunch of golfers, really hung-over from the night before drinking "BLOODY"S!" as they headed out for their tee-time.

I use to love Bloody Mary's back in the day but again it kind of freaks me out thinking back to how I drank then...not a pretty memory. But it feels like such freedom to not be enslaved by my addiction, to get a daily reprieve, contingent on my spiritual contingent. And that is the spiritual condition.

OK, time to shut this down and get a few hours of sleep...